Sub Sandwiches 4 FOOT SUPER SUBS ( Please read details below )

Italian roasted veggie sub served with sun dried tomatoes Italian dressing olives vegan provolone spring mix and vegan smoked ham and or vegan turkey / Or with vegan soysages if desired or breaded eggplant instead of mock meats  $40  for 4 foot long heroes or $15 for 12 inch subs each for a total of $30 for the minimum of two 12 inch subs . 

Chickpea salad sub with lettuce and tomatoes  $30 each for 4 foot subs or $12 each for 12 inch subs for a total of $24 for two 12 inch subs

( 12 inch subs must be ordered two at a time )

Tofurkey subs with vegan American cheddar and veganaise mayo and or brown mustard with lettuce and tomatoes $40 for 4 foot long subs or $15 each for 12 inch subs for a total of $30 for the pair, as above the minimum order for 12 inch subs is two 12 inch subs per order. 

All 4 foot subs served with side of macaroni salad or potato salad 

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