Personal medley bowls

Personal medley bowls, Where you can mix and match from all these ingredients listed and make your own dish!!! Make 5 to 10 meal prep bowls or simply have us create them with you and or for you. Quinoa brown rice basmati rice pasta gluten free pasta ( when available) Cauliflower red and green cabbage Peas and carrots corn peppers onions red onions mushrooms grilled portobello mushrooms grilled veggies kale baby spinach baby carrots cucumber zucchini raw zucchini noodles spring mix sprouts ( when available) chickpeas chickpea salad macaroni salad potato salad eggless tofu salad vegan mac and cheese sweet potatoes sweet potato chili 3 bean chili baked beans white beans black beans pinto beans kidney beans sweet plantains BBQ Jackfruit lentils lentil meatless loaf slices veggie spring rolls collard green wraps green beans edamame tofu tumeric tofu scramble nutritional yeast tempeh mash potatoes diced apples cranberries gronola mixed nuts pepitas pumpkin seeds sesame seeds milled flax seed chia seeds rolled oates mixed fruit blue berries straw berries Dressings : Italian Greek Tahini goddess Vegan ranch Vegan French Humus Teriyaki general taos

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