Alternative Menu

Please note  [ The T T L A  sandwich ( tempeh bacon lettuce tomato avocado )  or  Vegan B.L.A.T ( Vegan seitan bacon with avocado  and  our vegan B.L.T along with The Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausages and the vegan chick'n chiplote club sandwiches and the Italian veggie rolls ] are NOW Only available as an additional ADD ON EXTRA MEAL to your regular meal plan for an additional $10.00 charge along with 2 sides like coleslaw potato salad macaroni salad french fries or mixed veggies or a spring mix salad depending on whats available. All OTHER CHOICES ON THIS ALTERNATIVE MENU CAN BE SIMPLY SWITCHED OUT FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE [ EXCEPT THE SELECT CHOICES NOTED ABOVE ] Thank you 

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